Green Goat Grazing Logo AWe are small homestead business located in Hickman County Tennessee

Our Southern Middle Tennessee farm raises all sorts of animals, and you can learn more about us at our other site DGW Homestead.

Green Goat Grazing is dedicated to renting our sheep and goats to clear land.

We also have chosen to offer retail farm supplies. If something is marked out of stock, that doesn’t mean it is unavailable. If you are interested email me and I can get it for you pretty quickly.

Primarily we sell fencing and milking machines geared toward small homestead use rather than large dairy operations.

The process is pretty simple:

  • We bring our livestock to your location
  • Set up portable solar powered fencing
  • Provide water and shelter
  • Check on the animals daily while they clean up your land.

Contrary to popular belief goats won’t eat just anything, that belief got started because they are curious and explore the world with their mouth.  However, goats will eat browse.  Thats things like poison ivy, thorn bushes, kudzu, and other unwanted plants.  They will eat grass, but if you want natural lawnmowers, then sheep are a better bet as they love eating grass.

Both sheep and goats provide natural fertilizer while they work.  And they don’t smell like gas or make a lot of noise either.

A typical setup uses one or more rolls of 164 ft lengths of electric braid fence, so a couple goats can go through a 41×41 square of grass in no time.  If you have more land to clear, we can link together fences for a larger area, but frankly the more animals in an area the quicker and more thorough job they do.

If you want a quote, more information, or to schedule a demonstration of our milking products, please use the contact form and someone from Green Goat Grazing (probably my wife Genny as she is the brains of the outfit) will get with you as soon as possible.


                  • – David Nash

Head Cook and Bottle Washer

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